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Welcome to the Website of the IEA-SHC Task 38 "Solar Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration"


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Task 38


  • The main objective of the Task is the implementation of measures for an accelerated market introduction of solar air conditioning and refrigeration with focus on improved components and system concepts. The market introduction will be supported through activities in development and testing of cooling equipment for the residential and small commercial sector;
  • development of pre-engineered system concepts for small and medium size systems and development of optimised and standardised schemes for custom made systems;
  • reports on the experiences with new pilot and demonstration plants and on the evaluation and performance assessment procedure;
  • provision of accompanying documents supporting the planning, installation and commissioning of solar cooling plants;
  • analysis of novel concepts and technologies with special emphasis on thermodynamic principles and a bibliographic review;
  • performance comparison of available simulation tools and applicability for planning and system analysis;
  • market transfer and market stimulation activities, which include information letters, work-shops and training material as well as the 2nd edition of the Handbook for Solar Cooling for Planners.


Scope of the Project

The scope of the Task is the technologies for production of cold water or conditioned air by means of solar heat, i.e., the subject which is covered by the Task starts with the solar radiation reaching the collector and ends with the chilled water and/or conditioned air transferred to the application.

However, although the distribution system, the building and the interaction of both with the technical equipment are not the main topic of the Task this interaction will be considered where necessary. In particular, for small scale systems which may use the solar collector as the only heat source the overall system including the building and its thermal mass is examined in order to optimise the overall performance.

The Task also covers solar refrigeration for other than comfort air-conditioning applications such as industrial processes and other applications (e.g. food conservation)....



Subtask A: Pre-engineered systems for residential and small commercial applications

Subtask Lead Country: Austria
Subtask Leader: Dagmar Jähnig, AEE INTEC

A1 Market overview
A2 Collection of selected systems schemes (generic systems)
A3 Technical report on the implemented experimental and monitoring activities
A4 Compilation of proposals for system evaluation procedures
A5 Installation and maintenance guidelines for pre-engineered systems

Subtask B: Custom-made systems for large non-residential buildings and industrial applications

Subtask Lead Country: Italy
Subtask Leader: Wolfram Sparber, EURAC research

B1 Market overview
B2 System design and control
B3 Monitoring, evaluation procedure
B4 Method for fast pre design
B5 Installation guidelines
B6 Call for tender guidelines

Subtask C: Modelling and fundamental analysis

Subtask Lead Country: France
Subtask Leader:
Etienne Wurtz, INES

Co-Subtask Leader: Paul Bourdoukan, SORANE SA

C1 State of the art
C2 Simulation
C3 Thermodynamic analysis
C4 Performance criteria
C5 Heat rejection

Subtask D: Market transfer activities

Subtask Lead Country: Italy
Subtask Leader:
Mario Motta, POLIMI

D1 Performance assessment methodology
D2 Certification and standards
D3 Life cycle assessment
D4 Handbook 2nd edition
D5.1 Policy paper
D5.2 Training material
D5.3 Industry workshops
D5.4 E-newsletter
D6 Market Analysis





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